Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rubber Boots are AWESOME

I am part of the rubber boot revolution.
Today was a snowy/slushy/icy/stormy day. In other words, typical Montreal winter weather. Today was the first day i got to try out... MY RUBBER BOOTS.
My good friend Lu wore her pink rubber boots all winter and i was so jealous (they don't sell them in the dead of winter, only in spring and fall).
Why are they so good? They keep your feet DRY! No "winter boot" has ever been able to do that- no matter how "waterproof" they claim to be. Liars. All of them.
Every other winter i would start walking, get to a giant slushy puddle, then have to stand there (for sometimes up to 3 minutes) planning my route. Where to step? Where to jump? Anyways, it was always useless because i would always accidentally step in the deepest part at the last second, then have wet feet for the rest of the day.
Not today though! Today i trudged straight through the puddle, without even missing a beat. And my feet? DRY! dry dry dry.
Bless you rubber boots. Winters will be much warmer and dryer from now on.

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Cinlyn said...

LOL! I agree! I finally got me a new "cute" pair...just an inexpensive $30-$35 pr from Payless Shoe Store...but I love 'em!! I slip them babies on to go do my chores or check the mail! No more wet socks/feet when I come back in!!